Xdeep Hydros DIR Set

* Kit Available in: 40 DIR SET (Twinset 2x15L, for recreational diving with twinset & Technical diving with maximum 2 stages, BCD=18kg) 50 DIR SET (Twinset 2x18L, for deep technical decompression dives with multiple stages, BCD=22kg) * Available colors: Blue, red, lemon green, white, yellow, orange, camouflage, light gray, dark gray, lavender, pink and sea. * Back plate choice: Aluminum or Inox
Manufacturer: XDEEP
Delivery date: 1 - 2 weken
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Designed to exceed the expectations of demanding tec divers.

Proven classic design

HYDROS - when we see a chance to improve a classic, giving greater comfort and safety - we will take it.

Durable materials

Backed by high quality materials and manufacturing, enjoy your HYDROS for years to come.

Two bladder sizes

As much lift as you need, options for either a 50 lbs (22 kg) or 40 lbs (18 kg) wing.

European quality

Enjoy the same confidence of EU manufacturing quality delivered with all XDEEP BCDs, backed by the best materials from the US and Germany.

Familiar in looks, innovative and functional in use

Whilst the HYDROS system might be easily recognisable, every element has been addressed to ensure an enhanced diving experience. Building all of the elements around a carefully calculated geometry, we significantly improved stability in the water.
We eliminated the ‘dead zones’ that trap air, increasing drag or affecting buoyancy. We ensured you have great access to your valves through a careful top wing design. Holding flat and expert trim in this wing is made easy, whether you are a new technical diver or have hundreds of decompression dives and want the security and comfort of the best system possible.

Trim and Stability to meet the most critical eye

Learning how to hold good trim and a stable position in the water is often the hardest skill for a new technical diver. For an experienced technical diver they want their equipment to help, not be something they have to compensate for. The HYDROS was designed so that the buoyancy in the wing perfectly matches the centre of gravity of the gas in your twinset.
Irrespective of the inflation level of the wing, or the remaining cylinder pressure, the system trim will not change during the dive.

Valve Shutdowns – faster and safer

The last thing you want between you and your valves is a flap of wing that slows down your response to a problem. Shutdowns and valve management have been improved by reducing the volume of the wing in the valve area, and through the area where you want to route your hoses.
Its easier to configure a clean and tidy hose routing, leaving your valves clear and accessible.

Reduced drag but the same buoyancy

Smaller contour wings have less drag and a lower risk of entanglement. In classic twinset BCD designs if you reduce the contour of the wing, then you lose overall buoyancy. Not in the HYDROS.
By minimizing the dead zone in the HYDROS from the central part of the bladder, we have reduced the overall wing contour and kept all the buoyancy you need. A bit of lateral thinking!

Comfortable and high up at the surface

It is a challenge to design a wing that holds you in perfectly flat trim underwater, yet holds you upright and high at the surface. Most designs want to push your face back underwater. In the HYDROS the design ensures that the majority of the wing and therefore buoyancy is kept beneath the surface.
Even loaded with two full stages and gear for a deep technical dive, HYDROS will hold you high and comfortable out of the waves.

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