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MES Alu duikfles 80 cuft - kleur wit


Seal Drysuit

The unique SL:01 drysuit is available to explorers, dive instructors, and selected clients. To create a perfectly tailor-made drysuit use the SEAL online configurator. You can configure all equipment options, enter your dimensions according to the displayed instructions, and then get a form with a summary, which you can then easily use to order your custom-made drysuit with us. See info below!

RAID Cave 1

The course can be finished in France or Spain.
Call or mail us for current pricing

Tecline R 2 TEC2 Side Mount Set


Hendelset met 3 x Orcatorch D520 duiklampen

Aluminium hendel set met 3 x Orcatorch D520 duiklampen. Herstelbaar aan handgrootte.

Xdeep ZEN Set Standard (STD NX Serie)

* Harness Size Available in: S - for divers smaller than 175 cm L - for divers 175cm and taller * Available colors: Blue, red, lemon green, white, yellow, orange, camouflage, light gray, dark gray, lavender, pink and sea. * Choice between no pockets, S (2x2kg), M (2x3kg) and XL (2x6kg) pockets. * Harness customized with the Trigliders! * Without quick fasteners!

Xdeep Stealth 2.0 Tec set

* Choice of 2 sets: - Stealth 2.0 Tec set with Weight Pocket - Stealth 2.0 Tec RB set with Redundant bladder and Weight Pocket * Available colors: Black, blue, red, lemon green, white, yellow, camouflage, light gray, dark gray, lavender, pink and sea. * Choice Pocket: - M (4x1.5Kg) - D (8x1.5Kg) - S (2x1.5Kg) - W (4x2.5Kg)

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