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NAVY Body Warmer is intended for divers swimming in very cold waters, using laminated dry suits.
The material was produced on special order from the U.S. Army Special Forces Divers, in order to meet all the required parameters for long-diving in cold waters.
Thermally, our NAVY Body Warmer is equivalent to traditional warmers based on Thinsulate weighing about 400 g / m. However, NAVY has many advantages, about which users of such conventional warmers can only dream of.
The primary advantage of the NAVY is its flexibility. This is not a medieval knight armor with which thick warmers are associated with.
It is very comfortable and gives you a full range of motion.
It’s easy to put on a dry suit on it, NAVY doesn’t roll up
Provides very good air flow.
It is very light, weighing less than 1.5 kg.
Compared to conventional warmers, allows reduce the ballast of at least 2 kg.
Maintains great thermal comfort, also after drenching.
Perfectly wicks sweat away from the body.
It is very well impregnated anti-bacterially and does not smell.
Dries up in a few hours (after complete flooding or washing).
There is no limit to number of washing, it can be spin-dried.
Tailor-made durable flat seams provide comfort.
It is soft and pleasant to the touch. It does scrub or irritate the skin.
three pockets, including one with a zipper
a stand-up collar doesn’t collide with an isolation near the neck
a fold protects from cooling down through the zipper, “a garage for the zipper” protects the neck and a flexible sleeve
a two-way zipper (zipping with double sliders)
strings allow the air to flow freely into the dry gloves
comfortable constrictive rubber bands in legs
slots for a P-valve and a heating cable – at the request with a possibility to agree on its location
possibility to choose a colour of the thread
Our new warmer has undergone thorough testing. Below we list a few comments from NAVY’s users:

“NAVY has exceeded the wildest expectations. Tested in difficult conditions with a wet suit, i.e. after complete water drenching during the previous dive. Very good thermal comfort.”

“NAVY is the best and the most comfortable warmer all of all which I used over 10 years of diving in dry suits.”

“Very flexible, provides unique comfort of motion in my dry suit. While I was putting it on I thought: why spend 800 PLN if I have a different warmer? After the dive, I knew that without a doubt it is worth a purchase.”

“Very comfortable, I felt nothing after drenching. Only after leaving the water I noticed that the warmer is wet. Superb!”

“Excellent thermal comfort. Thanks to good adhesion to the body, the warmer makes the air came precisely and quickly into any place under the suit. Long stay on the surface before immersion does not cause problems with sweating and the accumulation of water on the body (outside temperature of 21 degrees Celsius).”

“Does not restrict movements, about 2 kg of ballast less. Compared with the previous traditional warmer much, much better.”

“Thanks to good adhesion, thermal bridges do not occur. Very warm.”

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