Ammonite Led Stingray Mark II Deluxe set

* Up to 1300 lm light output * 12° wide angle * 2 hours operation time * 200M operation depth * 21700 battery with USB type-C charging port * 3 years warranty
Manufacturer: Ammonite System
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The LED STINGRAY MARK II is an all-around, compact and powerful dive light.
It weighs only 137g (210g with battery) and is only 12cm long!


In LED STINGRAY MARK II, three high-performance next-generation CREE LEDs were used.
Due to this fact – and thanks to the electronics used in the device – the torch emits a maximum of 1300 lumens light output of cool white color temperature.
The triple integrated lens focuses the light into a 16° beam with a 30° regular corona.


Due to its lightness power, focus, and small size LED STINGRAY MARK II will be perfect as an all-around, compact light source as well as a reliable and strong backup light source.


The STINGRAY MARK II LED torch is powered by a 21700 Li-Ion battery that provides long runtime (about 2 hours) and is characterized by a long lifespan (up to 500 charging cycles with up to 75% capacity) as well as a high level of safety.
Due to the built-in PCM, the battery is protected against overcharging, over-discharge, and short-circuit. 

Please notice that despite the same name, other manufacturers' 21700 Li-ion batteries might differ in diameter and length and as a result won't be compatible with LED STINGRAY MKII. To ensure performance and reliability we recommend using Ammonite System marked batteries.


The battery is equipped with a very convenient charging system that uses the built-in USB-C port.
Rechargeable 21700 Li-ion batteries can be charged from any power source (charger, power bank, laptop, desktop computer, or a car USB charger).
The battery can also be charged with chargers dedicated to standard 21700 Li-Ion batteries.
Additionally, there is a built-in bi-color LED in the positive pole of the battery. It informs the user about the current charging status (red indicates the charging process / blue means that the battery is fully charged).
Due to the lack of memory effect, the batteries can be recharged at any time without negatively affecting their capacity and battery life.


The body of the torch is made of a light but very rigid and mechanically durable polymer (polyacetal, POM). This material is highly resistant to environmental factors (highly saline water, UV radiation, high temperature).
The head is molded with precision from a single piece of aluminum. The aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion in sea water.

LED STINGRAY MARK II is protected by 6mm of tempered glass resistant to scratches and mechanical damage.

LED STINGRAY MARK II is constructed in such a way that it ensures its safe usage at a depth of up to 200 m. 


What is more, the aluminum head of LED STINGRAY MARK II is covered with a protective layer of a hard anode. Compared to conventional coatings, the hard anodic coating is thicker and provides exceptionally high resistance to mechanical damage (e.g. scratching or abrasion), as well as additional protection against corrosion.

 All markings and descriptions on the torch are laser-engraved, which makes them durable, easy to read, and aesthetically pleasing, no matter how long the torch is used.


Due to its shape and compact size, LED STINGRAY MARK II is very comfortable to use and fits perfectly in the hand, even when with a thick glove on.

The torch can be easily attached to the D-ring of a harness. It can also comfortably fit in the pocket of a dry suit or a jacket



2 x 21700 Li-Ion battery with a USB-C port and a PCM (a protection circuit that protects cells against overcharging, over-discharge and short-circuit)

1 x plastic container to store 2 batteries

1 x USB type-A to  USB type-C charging cable

1 x AC adapter with USB type-A port

1 x stainless steel swivel snap hook

1 x set of 6 colorful silicon bands


 Since we only have one habitable planet, everyone has to play a part in protecting the environment.

At Ammonite System, we are very much interested in preserving the environment, and we’re doing our part. 

When deciding on boxes, bags, or containers, we have chosen to use recyclable cardboard packaging instead of plastic.

Recyclable packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used materials and positively impact sustainability. 


light outputup to 1300 lm
total power10 W
materialalumminium alloy –
hard anodised /DELRIN®
spot angle12º
total angle - 30º
max. length120 mm
type of optics1 x tripple lens
max. diameter40 mm
colour temperaturecool white
front glass6 mm tempered
power source1 x 21700 protected rechargeable cell with USB type-C charging port
weight137g (without batteries)
210g (with batteries)
switch typeby tightening on/off
weight in water95 g
max. operation depth200 m
light source3 × high efficiency CREE LED


Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Aantal Lumen:1300 lm
Soort lamp:Handlamp
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